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= Tips =
= Tips =
[[Offset Mode Change]]
*[[Offset Mode Change]]
*[[Copy Offset Address]]
==Copy Offset Address==
*[[Copying Hex or Text]]
You don't need to select and copy address from offset panel. Just move your mouse to what address you want to copy and issue a '''Left Click'''. Value of the offset will be copied to system clipboard.
==Copying Hex or Text==
In wxHexEditor, active panel defines the copy format.
If Hex panel is active (have a cursor), copy function copies the selection as in hex format like <pre>74 65 73 74 66 69 6C 65 74 65 73 74 66 69 6C 65</pre>
If Text panel is active, than copy function copies the selection as in binary format, like <pre>testfiletestfile</pre>
== Easy Block Selection ==
You want to select big blocks? You can start block/stop block feature for define blocks.
Press '''Left Click''' to move cursor to mark beginning offset''' -> Right Click -> Set Selection Block Start - > Left Click''' to move cursor to mark end offset '''-> Right Click -> Set Selection Block End'''
== Features ==
= Features =
*[[Easy Block Selection]]
*[[Save as Dump]]
*[[Save as Dump]]
*[[Fill Selection]]
*[[Fill Selection]]
*[[Delete and Insert Operations]]
=== Delete and Injection Operations ===
*[[Process RAM]]
[[Delete and Insert Operations]]
*[[File Support]]
wxHexEditor can delete and inject bytes into middle of the file, on the fly, without require of saving the file. Drawback of this feature is it cannot apply changes into file itself (yet). Instead, you have to use "Save As" function to save injected files.
*[[Device Image Tools]]
== Tools ==
== Tools ==
=== Binary File Comparator ===
*[[Binary File Comparator]]
[[Binary File Comparator]]
*[[File Checksum Generator]]
*[[XOR ViewThru]]
=== File Checksum Generator ===
== Customization ==
[[File Checksum Generator]]
*[[Multi Language Support]]
=== XOR ViewThru ===
*[[Character Encoding Support]]
[[XOR ViewThru]]
*[[Custom Hex Formatting]]
*[[Bytes Per Line Limit]]
== Devices ==
=== Open RAM ===
wxHexEditor cannot open physical RAM device yet.
=== Open Process Memory ===
wxHexEditor could open process memory space at least under Linux.
You need to have enough permissions to do that. (I mean, root)
'''Devices -> Open Process RAM -> Enter PID -> Click OK'''
Also you can open the PID with using this command line on start up:
wxHexEditor --pid=<PID>
=== Open Disk Devices ===
wxHexEditor is indeed a DiskEditor and could open disk/block devices for editing, inspecting them without any problem at Linux, Windows and MacOSX.
=== Device Image Tools ===
==== Backup ====
wxHexEditor could save RAW disk/partition images into a file under all supported OSes.
==== Erase ====
wxHexEditor could fill block devices/partitions with zeros under all supported OSes.
==== Restore ====
wxHexEditor could restore a block device/partitions from raw file under all supported OSes.
== Preferences ==
=== Multi Language Support ===
[[Multi Language Support]]
== Character Encoding Support ==
[[Character Encoding Support]]
=== Custom Hex Formatting ===
[[Custom Hex Formatting]]
=== Custom Byte Per Line Limit ===
[[Bytes Per Line Limit]]
== Panels ==

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