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Latest revision as of 22:14, 22 April 2014

Version 0.23 About to Release! (In April)

  • Added many more languages!
  • Fixed many bugs that leads to crash and memory leaks.
  • Implemented prefetched functions. (SSD buster!)
  • Fixed some cosmetic errors.
  • Added Sorted Tag Saving / Loading
  • Fixed Injection function.
  • Implemented file change detection reload ( on wxWidgets > 2.9 )
  • Implemented file compare connector to scroll 2 files at once.
  • Added remember last panel states.
  • Fixed TagEdit enabling code for addesses > 0xFFFFFFFFh.
  • Sync with langulage files.(Added many languages!)
  • Added MultiSearchAtBinary function, allows faster search on FindAll.
  • Fixed logical sectors start. Now starts from 0 instead of 1.
  • Added AutoShowTag option to preferences menu.
  • Added auto tag panel popup with Process RAM open.
  • Fixed Process RAM seeking.
  • Added Report a Bug & Donation menu items :)
  • Find Some Bytes button doesn't close find dialog anymore.

Version 0.22 Beta Released (09/05/2013)

  • Now, supporting many codepages/encodings, including almost all DOS, ECBDIC, Windows CPs.
  • Also supporting multi character codepages like Shift JIS, UTF8/16/32 and others....
  • Added gksu and gksudo support for easy privilage elevations.
  • Added Russian translation, non-complete. (by Nikolai Novikov)
  • Fixed MacOSX binary issues that appears at old version due wx2.9
  • Many bug fixes also some usage changes.

Version 0.21 Beta Released (01/01/2013)

  • Device and Partition Backup/Restore and Erase tools.
  • Customizable hex panel formatting.
  • Customizable colours!
  • Linux Process Memory Read/Write access.
  • MultiLocale support with Turkish Language

Options Panel Fixed Hex control input

Version 0.20a Beta

  • Fixed Hex control input

Version 0.12 Beta 0.20 Beta Released (29/2/2012)

  • Added OS types to program title.
  • Fixed Backward/Forward search/replace gauge calculation with wrap around option.
  • Removed some unneccessary event trigging from keyboard input, speeds up cursor a bit.
  • Automated setting offset_scroll values at HexEditorCtrl::ReadFromBuffer.
  • Added Clear button to Search Panel.
  • Fixed Replace doesn't update UNDO
  • Added better formatting to checksum result.
  • Added copy checksum result to clipboard.
  • Removed StatusBar Cursor Offset zeros from beginning.
  • Fixed Tag offset show broken for big offsets at panel.
  • Fixed Keyboard move break selection.
  • Implemented native like selection on Text Control.
  • Fixed Keyboard selection delay.
  • Fixed Checksum file detection on custom file picks.
  • Fixed comparison operation for MSW
  • Added Debug Frame for redirecting MSW stdout. (Enabled via _DEBUG_ definition.)
  • Added "Smart Escape" feature to GoTo dialog. Now escape clears current active field. If escape pressed on clear field, closes the dialog.
  • Fixed Go to Dialog illegal key position walking on MSW.
  • Fixed clearing all tag/search/compare panels on close of file.
  • Fixed default positioning of Data Interpreter Panel at Win/OSX
  • Disabled Win Devices that we cannot open currently
  • Search speed up, also for Unicode UTF8 search.
  • Added OpenMP libs flags to makefile. OpenMP still req OPTFLAGS="-fopenmp".
  • Fixed Compare operation, Stop after N match counts merged diffs as 2.
  • Added random color Quick TAG creation without info.
  • Fixed Offset Scroll usage for lines instead of pages.
  • Show sectors via thin red line for Disk access
  • Added Previous & Next Sector buttons to GOTO dialog.
  • Silenced some compilation warnings.
  • Fixed parallel make.
  • Added cancel button to Find/Replace dialog.(We don't like GNOME3)
  • Rendering speedup.
  • Implemented Find/Replace Dialog reverse search option.
  • Allowed operation without offset control.
  • Allowed Hex editor alone operation.
  • Allowed Text editor alone operation.
  • Added LBA adressing mode, Sector+Offset support.
  • Fixed XORView key entry for OSX/WIN
  • Added Import & Export TAGs support.
  • Added Octal offset support.
  • Added Compare: merge sections feature.
  • Added stack overflow issues on CompareDialog::Compare().
  • Fixed Notepad file selections undo/redo disabling.
  • Added some cross-compile helper to makefile.
  • Implemented Fill Selection function.
  • Added Save as Dump for saving selection as a file.
  • Added some help strings into menubar.
  • Disabled paste operation if selection is true.
  • Changed empty tags, now shown as Tag's Number + Offset at TagPanel.
  • Added CTRL+G shortcut to" Go to Offset" dialog.
  • Changed Goto Offset as Go to Offset.
  • Changed default PREFIX to /usr/local
  • Updated home url and mail
  • Implemented Find Some Bytes button to find dialog.
  • Fixed cursor misslocation on text/hex input at end of the screen.
  • Fixed minus sector count at at InfoPanel.
  • Fixed XORView check on file selections.
  • Added Hexadecimal key support at XORView dialog.
  • Added old value memory to all dialogs.
  • Replaced hash calculation init with for looped one.
  • Added OpenMP acceleration to Checksum calculation.
  • Added Devices SubMenu categorization.
  • Changed file progress block sizes from 1MB to 128KB.
  • Added mhash library for checksum calculations.
  • Dropped Hashlib++ due some licenses in included files.
  • Implemented CopyAs Dialog remembers old values.
  • Changed CopyAs HTML Tags tags with ...
  • Added CopyAs Format WiKi and WiKi with TAGs.
  • Added CopyAs Dialog Byte Per Line option.
  • Added Offset/Hex/Text part options for CopyAs functions.
  • Implemented HTML with TAGs Support. Hey this looks good!
  • Implemented CopyAs Internet HTML and phpBB forum functions.
  • Implemented CopyAs BigEndian support.
  • Implemented CopyAs Text/Hex/C/C++ and ASM (Without BigEndian and HTML support)
  • Added C/C++ type hex paste input.
  • Fixed unmatched case text search.
  • Fixed saveAs corruption due progress bar.
  • Fixed error message typo.
  • Fixed Compare Dialog result corruption for bigger than MB files.
  • Fixed slow ASCI Text find.
  • Added speed indicator to search progress gauges.
  • Added speed indicator to hash progres dialog.
  • Fixed File comparison dialog error for < 1 MB files.
  • Fixed MacOSX File:Quit menu bug while file was open.

Version 0.11 Beta Released (17/6/2011)

  • Now program became from pre-Beta stage to Beta stage.
  • Added Progress dialogs for file save, comparison and checksum dialogs.
  • Fixed GoTo dialog and uint64_t to String conversions on MSW.
  • Fixed Device menu show bug.
  • Added no device information for Windows.
  • Fixed compilation error on PuppyLinux.
  • Fixed undo commit bug at Direct mode(Thanks guerrier for indicating bug)
  • Added file owner change for automated disk access on Linux/Unix.
  • Added Auto-Offset resizing by file length.
  • Changed Offset Hex:Dec switching by right mouse button from now.
  • Added left click to offset area copies the address.
  • Implemented Checksum Dialog core with MD5 & SHA family
  • Implemented Disassembler panel code by using udis86 library.(Beta)
  • Implemented UTF8/Unicode searching.
  • Implemented File Compare option.
  • Removed "(Alpha)" keyword on right click menus.
  • And Many bug fixes...

Version 0.10 Pre-Beta Released( 19 March 2011 )

  • Added M$ Windows partition detection and disk access code. Thanks Charilaos Skandylas.
  • Added MacOSX device path recognition.
  • Added Unique Feature : Insertion & Deletion without creating tempfile.
  • Added XORView (r) feature to read/write XOR encrypted files on the fly.
  • Added bit change ability to data interpreter panel.
  • Added Open Recent File facility.
  • Fixed font issues with wxOSX 2.9.x
  • Added Blocky Read/Write code.
  • Implemented FinAll and ReplaceAll functions.
  • Added Progress gauge to FindAll function.
  • Added Highlighting mechanizm for FindAll.
  • Added Sector Size and Count for block device informations.
  • Removed multiple "File cannot open!" warnings.
  • Fixed bugs, washed codes and much more...

Version 0.09 Alpha Released( 23 April 2010 )

Version 0.08 Alpha Released( 20 Feb 2010 )

=Version 0.07 Alpha Released( 22 Feb 2009 )=