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With TAGs system, users could put a brain notes / bookmarks to binary files.

Quick TAG

Generally, developers doesn't want to define TAGs with proper label. With this feature, wxHexEditor will create a TAG from current selection with random color and empty label. Since it's empty mouse over TAG doesn't show any label also.


With TAGs, you can define any part of the file with given note and color. I use this feature to understand Matroska format. When you see the structure at binary file directly, you can understand what you can do and could code a parser to fix broken MKV files like [Meteorite Project].

You can select color of the TAG that you creating and could enter a label into a TAG, or you can leave it empty. Normally TAGs will popup a windows that shows label of the TAG. You can also see labels at TAG panel. But if you create a TAG without a label, that you can see only offset of the TAG at the TAG Panel and no window popups when you move the mouse cursor into it.

TAG Edit

You can edit generated TAGs with this. Just press Right Click into a TAG and select edit. You can delete a TAG by pressing REMOVE on tag edit dialog.

TAGs Import & Export

You can load TAGs from a file. wxHexEditor also support saving TAGs into file. Normally, on close of the file, TAGs will saved to <filename+".tags"> file.

If the path of the opened file doesn't support writing (like block devices, write permissions etc...) wxHexEditor also asks about where you want to save TAGs.