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All panels of the wxHexEditor is detachable from main window. You could change their locations and or visibility of them as you want.


Toolbar allows you to select required functions easy. But if you want, you can hide the toolbar from menu View -> Toobar.

DataInterpteter Panel

Data Interpreter Panel shows the value at current cursor location.

  • Allowed interpretation values are
    • Binary
    • 8 Bit
    • 16 Bit
    • 32 Bit
    • 64 Bit
    • Float

With enabling the "edit" mode, you can change the value of the byte using binary text.

After change, you have to press enter to apply the value to byte at current cursor offset.

Info Panel

Info panel gives you some information about currently selected file.

  • Name
  • Path
  • Size
  • Access Mode
  • Device Type
  • Sector Size (only shown for block devices.)
  • Sector Count (only shown for block devices.)

TAG Panel

TAG Panel allows you to branch selected TAG region.

Disassembler Panel

wxHexEditor have an disassembler for x86 CPU codes using udis86 library.

You can select CPU type (AMD or INTEL), assembly format (INTEL or AT&T) and code bit lengths (16,32 or 64 bit).

Disassembler panel will try to interpret binary block that currently selected.

If nothing is selected, it will start to interpret from the current cursor offset if nothing selected.

Search Panel

wxHexEditor supports "Find All" operation, that search the file from start to end and shows multiple matches at search panel.

At the search result panel, each match will indicated with a decimal offset of the match.

You can branch each individual match by clicking them from search panel.

Also you can clear search TAGs by clicking Clear button at search panel.

Comparison Panel

Comparison panel automatically open if you compare 2 files. Panel has it's own TAG system to show differences.